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DIY Project: Leather Message Patch

Here is a simple project to help you work on your lettering. Letter stamping is easy, simple, and fun . . . However, it definitely takes practice to line up your letters right and make your words look spaced out correctly. A fun little project like a patch to sew onto your backpack or luggage is perfect for learning your letter spacing.

Here is what you will need for this project

– Letter kit
– Piece of letter suitable to fit your favorite quote or saying
– Leather hole punch
– A Hard work surface
– A mallet
– water
– Sponge

We will not work on dying this piece. I like stamps that have a natural leather look that age on their own. Aged natural leather tells a story. So wherever you put your patch, the story is told.

Sew your patch to a bag and watch it age gracefully with every adventure!


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Owls in Love

This is me, geeking out over my tooled owls. Owlbviously, this project is taking owl of my time as of lately. They are owl-ways on my mind…

Ok I’m sorry about the puns. I could not resist.

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