Recipe: Almost Calorie-Free Cinnamon Iced Coffee

I brew all my coffee in a french press, but brew your desired way.

You will need
-ground cinnamon
-splash of milk or milk substitute (optional)

+Add couple dashes of ground cinnamon to your ground coffee of choice (I add more grounds as usual because you are going to iced this coffee down and it avoids a watery taste).
+Brew your coffee and allow it to cool a couple of minutes.
+Pour your coffee in a tumbler or cup filled with about 5-6 iced cubes.
+Add a packet of Stevia to your coffee and stir
+(Optional) If you like a creamy iced coffee add a splash of milk (I like either 2%, Vanilla Almond Milk or Vanilla Coconut Milk)…. Keep in mind this is where your calorie content comes from so it’s up to you how much you want consume.

I would give Starbucks a run for it’s money with this recipe. It came out way better than expected and it’s really simple! Happy Brewing!


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