Food Musings September 2011

I am a food person. The boyfriend and I usually travel to places depending on what food is there and what’s good to eat. It’s sad, really. So here is a little peak at my food vices of the month.

So Delicious Coconut Milk in Sugar Free Vanilla– This is my first time using coconut and I made, hands down, the best iced latte ever with it. The stuff is so good because I love coconut so it adds a nice dimention to my coffee and cereal. I probably wouldn’t bake with it though. When making a macchiato it doesn’t layer because it weighs differently than milk and I find it a little sticky to drink by itself.

Archer Farms Sea Salt and Caramel Coffee I loved Starbuck’s Caramel Salted Hot Chocolate so I thought I’d give this a go. It’s pretty good and definetly had a salted caramel flavor. I make it with a french press, be sure to let it brew a good while, don’t be in a rush like me or it comes out kind of bland.

Sky Blue Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda – This is a Shirley Temple in a Can. If you liked Shirley Temples as a kid, you will love this soda. It’s not too strong, it’s very light but still very sweet.

Nutella – Do I need to explain why Nutella is so amazing. I put it on brownies and chocolate chip pancakes this week. The brownies should put me in a sugar coma pretty soon.

Happy Eating!

Love, Jamie



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2 responses to “Food Musings September 2011

  1. Marie

    I love So Delicious sugar free vanilla coconut milk in everything from baking to smoothies. But I really like their French vanilla coffee creamer in my coffee. It’s like a little taste of heaven every morning!

    Now you had me at So Delicious coconut milk iced latte, but Sea Salt and Caramel Coffee? Must find this right away!!!!!!!!

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