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Thinking outside the box

I just watched this documentary on a family that did things a little differently. For inspiration please watch…


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Macrame Curtains?

This could be an interesting alternative to window treatments. It’s very bohemian and 70s.

Must buy bulky yarn!

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Food Musings September 2011

I am a food person. The boyfriend and I usually travel to places depending on what food is there and what’s good to eat. It’s sad, really. So here is a little peak at my food vices of the month.

So Delicious Coconut Milk in Sugar Free Vanilla– This is my first time using coconut and I made, hands down, the best iced latte ever with it. The stuff is so good because I love coconut so it adds a nice dimention to my coffee and cereal. I probably wouldn’t bake with it though. When making a macchiato it doesn’t layer because it weighs differently than milk and I find it a little sticky to drink by itself.

Archer Farms Sea Salt and Caramel Coffee I loved Starbuck’s Caramel Salted Hot Chocolate so I thought I’d give this a go. It’s pretty good and definetly had a salted caramel flavor. I make it with a french press, be sure to let it brew a good while, don’t be in a rush like me or it comes out kind of bland.

Sky Blue Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda – This is a Shirley Temple in a Can. If you liked Shirley Temples as a kid, you will love this soda. It’s not too strong, it’s very light but still very sweet.

Nutella – Do I need to explain why Nutella is so amazing. I put it on brownies and chocolate chip pancakes this week. The brownies should put me in a sugar coma pretty soon.

Happy Eating!

Love, Jamie


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Fun things for Fall

This fall has so many wonderful things ahead.
1) I’ve been totally slacking on blogging but I think I’m out of my non-blogging rut.
2) I recieve the best tool ever in the mail. It’s a strap cutter. I looks like this.
It makes me so excited because I can finally cut straight straps now and really fast too! Hurray for productivity!
3) I’ve started a second shop on etsy called leatherforwool. It’s basically leather buttons and handles for knitwear. Knitting is another passion of mine and I love to add leather buttons to my accessories.

I would also love to thank for letting me sponsor her and giving me a little exposure while I start this blog. So thankful.

Have a happy Monday!

Love, Jamie

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