Adventure! Fort Worth Water Gardens

Yesterday my love and I went to Fort Worth with some things on the agenda. We stopped by Mellow Mushroom and got the most delicious version of a Hawaiian pizza ever as well as some super yummy pretzels. Our meal promptly ended with a spilled drink and lots of laughs.

Then it was off to the leather store for some supplies. I love talking to the older folks who run that place they are so knowledgeable.

Thereafter we found ourselves at the Water Gardens. I love this place, it’s like a grown up playground. Hilariously enough there was a guy in a Chuckie-Cheese outfit doing a photo shoot. Wherever you turned a corner there he was. It was quite hilarious and slightly awkward.


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One response to “Adventure! Fort Worth Water Gardens

  1. Goodness, it looks amazing! I am oh-so envious! ❤

    Lost in the Haze

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