24 things to do before I turn 25

– Quit my Day job at a certain home improvement store
– Start a successful leather business… that pays the bills
– Upgrade my phone…its pretty bad.
– Move to Tempe, AZ or some area near by
– Find a teaching job
– Do a major national art/craft show
– Hopefully, be an aunt.
– Take a road trip to the beach
– See all of the Harry Potters
– Read 20 books
– Write a handwritten letter
– Sing in public
– Buy a new bike
– Get featured in a magazine
– Bake a cake from scratch
– Learn to sew—well
– See a new band live
– Have some unforgettable nights with friends
– Live simply and enjoy the little things
– Keep a blog
– Adopt an animal
– Take a dance class
– Lose 10 lbs
– Wear something pretty everyday


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