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Leather Tooling Classes

I am really exciting to announce that this fall I will be offering online leather tooling classes. The class will be work at your own pace and will include a blog and videos for further clarification. I am really excited to start this class with you guys. It’s fun to learn a new skill and you will be able to create your own beautiful leather goods!


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Trend Alert: White Lace

This trend is so adorable and works with so many different pieces. I am in love with the shirt and belt from the first photo. The combination is perfect!

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Owls in Love

This is me, geeking out over my tooled owls. Owlbviously, this project is taking owl of my time as of lately. They are owl-ways on my mind…

Ok I’m sorry about the puns. I could not resist.

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Road Trip Saturdays!

I love a good adventure. Who doesn’t? My most favorite form of adventure involves the road trip. There is something magical about hopping in the car with your best friend and driving for hours sharing laughs and good music to find yourself in a different place seeking adventure. Every Saturday I will be posting ideas for amazing road trips.

Photo Courtesy of We Heart It

If you know much about me, you know that I love Arizona. I grew up there, I want to move back.. so I found it fitting to use it in a first post. However, this place I am posting I have never been to. Actually I passed it once in my Grandparents RV one summer when I was about 8 and I have always wanted to stay for a visit. If you’ve seen the movie Zombie-land, you may recognize this place as well.

May I introduce The Wigwam Motel.

Wigwam Motel

Wigwam Motel

What makes this place special?
This place is awesome, giant Wigwams, Classic Cars, and the desert. Do you need anything more?

Wigwam Motel

The Wigwam Motel is located in Holbrook, Arizona along the classic Route 66. It’s part kitchy American sightseeing meets local Native lore. The history of the Wigwam Motel is very interesting for many people. There are several of these Wigwam Villages across the United States, however the one in Holbrook tends to receive the most attention due to it’s location on Route 66 near several Native American Reservations, Navajo, Hopi, White Mountain Apache Reservations. The motel is listed on the Nation Register of Historic Places.. Fancy that?

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Trend Alert: Indian Summer

This Poncho  from Thread Sence is perfect for summers at the lake
This poncho is so sweet. I love longer shirts with shorts.

I love the re-introduction of the crop top with high waisted shorts. It looks so effortless and laid back but also very chic and on trend. It is also quite motivating for doing those crunches. *sigh

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Adventure! Fort Worth Water Gardens

Yesterday my love and I went to Fort Worth with some things on the agenda. We stopped by Mellow Mushroom and got the most delicious version of a Hawaiian pizza ever as well as some super yummy pretzels. Our meal promptly ended with a spilled drink and lots of laughs.

Then it was off to the leather store for some supplies. I love talking to the older folks who run that place they are so knowledgeable.

Thereafter we found ourselves at the Water Gardens. I love this place, it’s like a grown up playground. Hilariously enough there was a guy in a Chuckie-Cheese outfit doing a photo shoot. Wherever you turned a corner there he was. It was quite hilarious and slightly awkward.

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What a turn of events

I found out that I am moving to a different near by town sooner than expected. After today actually, yay!
I still have the same job, just moving houses in a better neighborhood– far from the middle of nowhere-ville where I am currently. I also have been working on several new prototypes that I will post up by the end of the week after I move. I am just so thrilled to set up a new studio space! I feel like a mother bird nesting my little creative area. So here are some studio spaces that I find pretty and inspiring. Enjoy!

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